Monday, June 6, 2011

Emails from my prick dad

First Email- sent April 27, 2011

Do you want to go see Thor and Captain America this summer? Thor comes out May 6th.

Up to you. 

Dad's Reply- 
  • Hi Cory,
  • It's great to hear from you.
  • Not sure about Thor...I know you have always been a fan. Who wouldn't want to see Captain America?
  • I Love you,
  • Dad

 My Reply -

Thor is awesome. (He and Captain America are friends. They're also friends with Iron Man and the Hulk)

Why wouldn't you "be sure about" Thor?

Dad's Reply
  • I know nothing about him...never was a fan I guess.
My Reply- (All handwritten by the way)

Well, He lives in Asgard, his father is Odin, his brother is a weak(er than him) trickster named Loki. Loki is his main rival. Another is the Enchantress, who wants Thor to love her, but I don't know if she'll be in the movie.

So yeah, they fight frost giants and stuff in Asgard. There's a big rainbow bridge that connects to "Midgard" which is what the Asgardians call Earth.

In the comics, Thor has an Alter ego, Dr. Donald Blake. Donald Blake is... well I read the first comics they never really explain it too well, I guess he was a real guy that kind of got merged with Thor, Kind of like Hulk OR Bruce Banner. Anyway Thor turns into Donald Blake when he taps his hammer on the ground, and then his hammer turns into a cane, because Donald has a hurt leg or something.

So yeah, Thor joined the Avengers and hangs out with Iron Man and Captain America, and tosses lightning bolts around. He can also fly by throwing his hammer and holding on to the thong. (the like, leather loop on the end of the handle)

Any more questions? I think I covered the basics. He's a strong guy that can do wind and lightning and hits things with a hammer. He also has cool Asgardian friends, and at least two of the best villains in comics come from his books.

Dad's reply 
  • Thank you for the thorough explanation!

My Reply
Oh I forgot one thing. Thor loves to throw his hammer at things right? And usually it returns right to his hand. But if he's ever without his hammer either in his hand or on his belt or anything for 60 seconds, he'll turn into Donald Blake, a human doctor with a bad leg. Luckily no one but Thor (and Captain America oddly) can even lift the hammer. His hammer is basically his weakness, get it away from him (for 60 seconds) and he can't be Thor.
Hey I Just found this, it's a 5 minute trailer for Thor! Should help to give you a full idea of what to expect from the movie.

And here is a better looking shorter trailer:

Tell me what you think, we have a week, I'm sure I can think of at least one person you know that'd like to see it with us.

Dad's reply- (April 30)
  • Ok...we will see Cory....:)
  • Thank you for being so thoughtful... 

My Reply-  (May 3rd)
So have you given any more thought to going to the movie??

His reply- (What the FUCK!?!?)
  • Hey Cory,
  • To be honest, that's not as much a focus for me as family time is. So, to be clear, time spent with you is much more valuable to me than whatever we do.
  • Hope that will show you both that we all had some really great times when you were younger.
  • Love you. And yes, I feel pretty sure we will get together and see at least one of the movies.
  • Dad

My Reply-

I've read this post like, 4 times and it still confuses me. I understand that you don't care about the movie, that much is clear. You say time spent with me is valuable, as you tell me you don't want to hang out this weekend? Am I reading this right? We can do other things too you know, I'm the only one that ever suggests things though, and well, I suggest movies because I know how busy you are. By the way we can watch the movie here, there's a new theater.

I don't think meeting up twice for 2 hours over the entire summer is all that much to ask, by the way.
EMAIL #2 Sent June 6, 2011

Any chance you wanna go see X-Men?

I'm sure you won't, but I heard it was good.

His Reply
  • Cory,
  • I know you like that type of movie, but I do not really have any interest. I would like to see Capt. America with you when it comes out if that's ok with you.
  • Love you...have a good day!
  • Dad 
My Reply
Yeah, I can see your point, meeting up TWICE over the summer would be too excessive.

Maybe once is too excessive too? I wouldn't want to take up any of your valuable time.

His reply- 
  • Sarcasm is not the best side of you Cory....:)
  • I know it hurts to be isolated, but that's not my doing. How about being appreciative for what I do rather that trying to make me feel bad for being honest. I would not want to see Xmen if I had free tickets. If i did, I would give them to you and Kevin.
  • If all you want to do is take shots when you talk, what good is in that?
  • I was making some real dialogue and you did not even answer my questions...maybe because you felt hurt...not sure, but my love for you is not affected by how you speak to me. Still, I think you would agree that it's more fun to be around someone that actually acts like they want to be around you.
  • The biggest issue is your living over an hour away...wish it was not such a huge issue with regard to transportation.
  • Have a good afternoon,
  • Dad


Ok, commentary mode. I'm seriously on the verge of ending the entire relationship with this bastard, forever. There's too much backstory to just pile it all onto the end here, but the relationship is hanging on by a thread. He had treated me like crap my entire life, and I'm struggling to give him chances to attempt to repair things. Then he goes and does shit like this. 

What do you guys think?