Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fuck you Gamefaq's.

Seriously. Fuck you.

Here's what happened. I made a dumb post.  It happens. Then I get a 10 karma loss and 2 day "warning" for it.

That is a severe punishment. For a nothing non-issue.

So I contested it. And here's the whole thing.

You said on
11/3/2010 1:46:50 PM
                Are you serious? Yes it was a silly little off topic post, but 2 days and 10 karma? What the hell? Am I being punished for past crimes or something? Do I have some red flag next to my name that says "Punish this guy severely every time, never just delete his post and let that be that"?

10 karma and 2 days for an off topic? (That isn't even off-topic by the way) If I had a post that said my guy has a nice looking sword, would that have gotten me a 10 day ban? I was talking about the in game model. (Dies was a typo by the way, I meant to write "does" but eh, it was a dumb post anyway so I just left it. )

Seriously you guys need to tell me if I'm just not allowed to post anymore, or if there's some mod that's getting off on punishing me for nothing. WHY is this a 10 Karma 2 day suspension? It's just a silly little thing. The kind of post that should either be left alone, or deleted with no karma loss if you really don't want it around.

So yeah, I'm arguing that my post wasn't off-topic in the first place.

* Unless a board specifically is listed as a social board, you should assume that topicality is enforced. All boards for games on modern systems are topical. When creating a topic, a warning will be displayed to the user reminding them when a board is topical.
* On a board for a particular game or system, topics should always be related to that game or system in some manner. Topics about users on the board, the board itself, or not about the game or system in any way are clearly off-topic.
* When a special interest board has been created for a particular topic, discussion of that topic on game boards will normally be considered off-topic. For example, discussion of the current NFL season belongs on the Sports and Racing: Football board, but not on the Madden NFL game board.
* Creating a topic that does not relate to the game or system and then adding small "on-topic" content to the post does not make the post on-topic. Your entire topic should relate to the game or system in question, not just some small portion of it.
* The message boards are a public forum, and not meant for private messages between users - topics used for private messages to individuals or groups (even about in-game activities) can be considered off-topic on gaming or special interest boards.

Those are the rules. Point out which I broke.

Let's go through the 5 point by point.

First point is moot.

Second point, "topics should always be related to that game or system in some manner." My post was, in EVERY manor.

Third point is moot.

Fourth point, "Your entire topic should relate to the game or system in question, not just some small portion of it." Check. Entire post is about Warcraft. Nothing else.

And Point Five, not a private message to a user.

So therefore, my post is NOT off-topic in the first place. Therefore, there was no crime and ergo, no punishment. Instead, there was no crime, and a severe punishment. I want to know why.

A Mod/Admin replied on
11/3/2010 2:01:10 PM
                You're not discussing the video game, you made a joke topic about character in game having a nice ass.

Also you may not dispute based on harshness either, but with a large suspension like that, any minor violation can get you at least warned.

You said on
11/3/2010 2:25:48 PM
                So I AM being unfairly punished severely because I was unfairly punished severely last month on a different board? You're saying that every time I have a post moderated now for any reason, I'll be set to warned and lose 10 karma? Oh I'm sorry, that's the LEAST that can happen.

I have a lot to say here. Really, I've written and deleted a lot of stuff.

Punishing people because they were punished is stupid. It's horrible. It's evil.

I shouldn't have gotten the 30 day ban, I said it then and I say it now. I shouldn't have gotten the ban I got just before the 30 day ban either. But that IS off topic, isn't it? So we won't talk about that.

I was punished, whether or not I was fairly punished (I wasn't) is irrelevant.

I did my time and now things should go back to normal. I should be able to make silly little posts just like I have for the past 7 or 8 years. I should be able to be an idiot, just like every other user here. I should be allowed to have fun and be stupid. I should be able to make harmless little impulse posts without worrying about getting another friggin ban.

If any other poster had posted this, it would have just been deleted. But because it was me, this happens. I'm not one to cry persecution, but what am I supposed to conclude here?

Take me off your black list and let's get things back to normal. In fact, delete the black list all together. It isn't right to punish people for "crimes" they've already paid for.

A Mod/Admin replied on
11/3/2010 3:25:32 PM
                You don't seem to be disputing this moderation, and are instead launching into a rant about a previous suspension that was handled by the site's administrator.

I guess we're done here then.

So really what Can I say? I get another reply but... seriously these guys suck. 

Fuck you, you anonymous mod.  Fuck you Gamefaq's. 


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