Monday, September 20, 2010

Ok, now I’m pissed

Forgive this posts rushed nature I want to get this out before I calm down.

On a message board I frequent (But am strongly considering abandoning) I just saw a topic that seriously pissed me off. It said:

There's a special place in hell for Christoher Hitchens when he gets there
I have no problem with people being atheist, but this guy is a grade A d-bag.
Silver Screemer: (me)
Wow, this topic is...
Ok so we're allowed to say:
Hell exists.
And a popular author is going there.
But we're not allowed to say there is no hell and you're a horrible person for taking joy in what you perceive to be someones eternal damnation?
I have a problem with you TC. This topic is abysmal on so many levels, and you don't even see it.
You're not going to an afterlife when you die, you'll rot in the ground, just like all the people you hate so much. That's reality. Deal with it.
If you get to declare that people you don't like are going to suffer for all time, and beyond, in an especially vile part of hell just for him, surely I can tell you what's actually going to happen to you when you die, right?
Heh, sorry your post just rubbed me the wrong way.

I don't have a great love for Hitchens, I just know that you probably feel the same about me than you do about him. (And if you didn't before you do now I'm sure)

Yeah I know I probably broke the rules for saying there's no hell but fuck it. That post seriously annoyed me. And it's not JUST that, it's all the smug arrogance Christians, and maybe all religious people have, although some claim (and maybe actually possess) humility.

The whole "ha ha you're going to hell, my daddy's going to punish you for being different than me" mentality is fucking annoying. Worse than the "I'll pray for you" thing.

Why is it so bad? Well for starters, it takes for granted that they ARE right, it skips the debate and declares them the winners before anything is even said. Everything they believe is true, no question about it. Then, after they "established" that there is a Hell, they pass judgment on someone themselves. They then take delight in the sinners punishment.
This has ALWAYS been the point of hell. People don't talk about it much anymore, but that the "Saved" could sit in heaven and watch the damned suffer for all time, was a huge part of the appeal of heaven. People will deny this of course, but actions speak louder than words. Without even thinking Christians constantly take solace that "people will get their punishment". They would be UPSET if they found out everyone went to heaven. They refuse to accept that possibility. THEY are going to heaven, and the people different than them are going to hell. They refuse to believe people have different sexual desires than they do (Or even worse, the same, only they're pissed off they have to repress theirs). They are disgusted by people who can enjoy "secular media". People think "Look at that guy, sure he's having fun now, but I'll be rewarded for my conservative ways, and he'll be punished for his "sins".

I want to point out that sins don't exist. They're like laws, but sometimes stupid. Ok, ok, often stupid. (Often is more than sometimes right?)

Ok well I put on Nick Cave and now I'm calm. (The Boatman's Call, to be specific, just one of his amazing albums) So yeah. I just had to get this out.
I'm sure some readers will declare me hellbound. I have a lot of anger towards religion and specifically Christianity. I know being an atheist technically free's me from caring about this stuff, I know I'm above it all. But I still care about people, a lot. It's quite a dilemma.
I don't want people to be stupid and believe foolish nonsense for illogical reasons.
Ok well, this one's done.

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