Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suspended again?!

Ok, fuck this. I'm so sick of GameFAQ's. The Religion board is a joke. I'm not going back there. I'm not even sure I'll still have an account to go back with. I'm done, it's over. I'm not posting there anymore. I said that last time I know, but this time I mean it. I am pissed.


What got me into trouble you ask? This, which I was going to post here anyway.


Here, enjoy. The topic title was originally how to be a well loved poster, but sort of evolved.


1. Barely ever make any topics of your own


2. Don't have strong opinions either way, be as close to "True Neutral" as possible.


3. Say we can't know for sure who's right so everyone's opinions and beliefs are equally valid.


4. Mock people with strong opinions, as if having conviction instantly makes the person a fool.


5. Write long pseudo-philosophical posts that don't say much.


6. Claim to respect everyone's opinions without really expressing any of your own much.


7. Post news stories and ask for comments, without giving any yourself.



Hmm, I'll add more later, and I did delete a lot that were too specific.


But really, try it yourself. Think of all the people on this board you would consider well liked. Not that you necessarily like them yourself, but you just get the vibe that most people like them.


From what I've seen, the most well liked people never, ever attack anyone, rarely make interesting topics of their own, if they do make topics they're either dull, or links to news stories where they don't comment themselves. Being neutral doesn't necessarily mean agnostic atheist, agnostic Christians or whatever can be neutral too.


Basically, if you call people out on the foolish things they believe, like I do, you get scorn. If you play flower child hippy, you become popular and well loved.


I guess I can understand how I got the reputation I have. Attacking religion on the religious board seems like I'm just being a jerk, but in reality, I just want you guys to, stop believing in stuff on faith, that's a good first step.


Take for example the soul. There's no reason to believe a soul exists. None at all. Yet people believe. Why?


If I could figure that out... I may finally be able to sleep peacefully at night.


How can people believe this stuff? They believe Jesus healed by touch. They KNOW no one can do that. Faith healers are ALL con men, it's been documented. So are intermediary's, psychics, fortune tellers, and Ghost Hunters. People believe in mystical healing energy. They pay LARGE amounts of money to lay on a table listening to Enya, and having pretty crystals waved all around them. That makes them feel better. But they're still sick. Their belief that the crystals helped them isn't valid. and I can't have respect for people that believe things like that. When I'm talking to a girl, and for example, she tells me she's a wicca and she believes in astrology, I die a little inside. People really believe the way the planets and stars were aligned when you were born affects things.


People believe, for some reason, in reincarnation. It's an interesting idea, I'll admit. But, we're still hung up on the soul thing. Everything we know tells us when the brain dies, that's IT. We scan the brain, get people angry and we can see anger nodes light up, make them look at someone they love, love nodes light up. Sociopaths have something wrong with their brains, they aren't possessed by demons. We have no reason to believe demons even exist, do we?


And when I ask for proof, you... jokers, you clowns, you hilarious folks... you tell me to prove souls don't exist. You say "you say souls don't exist, prove it!" Like you're some genius. You can't DISPROVE something that doesn't exist, and you don't HAVE to. Well, you shouldn't. The fact that people believe in things with no proof, it mucks up the science. You guys jump right past all your stuff, you jump past the testing and evidence and the double blind studies, to belief. I can't tell you how little I think of people that do that. I can't respect you. I can't act like you're smart when you show no signs of intelligences. You don't get a free pass just for being a human in the modern age, and knowing a few things other people figured out using processes you ignore.


Listen. I know. You hear god talk to you. You see signs of his existence everywhere. You think I'm just stubbornly denying his obvious existence, or maybe I'm blinded from the truth by Satan's forces. Hell I don't know what you think of me honestly.


The only real critique I get, is that my writing style is not acceptable, I spell words wrong from time to time, and I'm harsh, or just really aggressive. I've been called an angstheist, although thankfully not lately as that's one of the most annoying insults for some reason.

And yeah, I am wound up tight about this stuff. For some reason I have a strong urge to bring people into the real world. Maybe it's self-preservation. Being around delusional people is scary. Just sit next to a homeless guy on the bus, who barks and yells at no one, swatting at the air furiously.

The rules here are something I will never grow to just accept, they aren't fair, everyone knows it now. I'm not in the mood to reiterate that.

So why do people laugh at me? Because I say things people disagree with? Because I say it "wrong"?

I say there's no soul, people demand I prove it, I say there's no evidence that one exists, and I'm told that's not good enough. You guys, and I know I'm generalizing, but that's ridiculous. Pointing out there's no supporting evidence to a claim you guys "have faith in" IS enough.

Then things get mucked up in probability. Or people will say "Well people theorized about atoms before we could see them…". Whatever it takes to justify your irrational beliefs. I never thought I could see so much frigging back bending, you guys are masters I'll give you that, NOTHING, and I mean nothing I can ever say will make you guys resort to using logic and common sense. You do everything you can to avoid actually answering questions. The most popular is shifting the burden of proof. You think "Well I can't prove there's a soul, but HA! He's saying there isn't one, that's an assertive claim, he just grabbed the burden of proof!"

No. just no. All I'm doing is pointing out that you never had a right to make the claim in the first place. But the claims were grandfathered in.

We have sort of a weird take on knowledge. We value the knowledge of our father more than that of our brother. And Grand Fathers and Grand Mothers are thought to be wiser still. And if you're lucky enough to have a Great Grandfather or Great Grandmother, well we value their insight most of all. So I guess we just consider that pattern back, thinking every previous generation gets progressively smarter.

Think of how much admiration and respect is put on the American forefathers for example, then back much farther to the Greek philosophers, they're thought to be the smartest people EVER. So we mistakenly think that you can find answers in what the people of the past believed.

You can even think that if you go back far enough you'll find people who were around at the very beginning, , but that isn't true. People weren't around when the earth formed. The people of the past looked to the past for wisdom too. Only, now we know that, they were wrong about a LOT of things.

And we can't let go of their mistakes. We hold onto their crazy guesses with our very lives. People made up the soul. People made up god. People made up devils and angels. People made up EVERYTHING.

Why is that so hard for you people to accept? You know how good our imaginations are! Look how many fantasy worlds and creatures we've created for Elune's sake!

Self-preservation is one of our strongest drives. We do not want to die. Our entire lives are pretty much "I don't want to die, I don't want my genetics to die". Food, house, money, all survival stuff, and our obsession with romance is to keep the family line going. We want to live. So the idea of us just dying someday, it kills is. We don't want that. We are all going to get sick, or injured and die. Someday our heart will stop beating. Electricity will stop fuzzing around in our heads, and that's it. There's no reason to believe your ghost will continue on without the body, and you'll still be you.

That's stupid. Do you have any clue how stupid that is? That's not the end of it though, people REALLY put wishful thinking, wish fulfillment into full blast. What if you got brain damaged a week before you died. Would you be brain damaged in the afterlife? What if you went blind 5 years before you died? Lost some limbs?

Yeah, yay for you, you get to be in your best possible condition! Sucks to be you if you were always fat and born blind. But not everyone believes that. That's the funny thing about belief, there can only be one truth, and everyone thinks THEY have it. In any other situation, you could just figure out the answer. But here, people make stuff up and believe it, then teach it to their kids and tell them they must believe or their soul will regret it. People don't even stop to think "I have a soul?" or "There's a place we can't get to that we go when we die?"

Maybe people do think that, but not for long. They're told doubts are bad, have more faith, faith is good, faith is good, have more faith, faith is good, faith is good, have more faith, faith is good, faith is good.

Have more faith, faith is good, faith is good. Don't question things, the Pope in infallible, Denying God's Existence is an unpardonable sin, don't even THINK of doing that. Because really, there's no reason to believe, so we have to make you afraid of the punishment you get for not believing. That's why this all revolves around belief, it's the ONE thing they need to keep you roped in.

They have to get you to believe without questioning WHY you believe.

Seriously, think, WHY do you believe a soul exists? Because someone you trust told you it does? And a book you trust told them, and you that it does?

What do you believe, and why?

Do you have actual evidence? Do you even care that you don't? You know damn well it's impossible to disprove things that don't exist, and you use that to convince yourself your beliefs are just as valid as those that don't believe. They aren't. At all.

Not only do we have NO REASONS to believe in the soul, but we have many not to. But I'm going in a loop. I just have to reiterate this because, maybe this time it will stick.

Extraordinary claims and beliefs, require extraordinary evidence. Not NONE. You can't just pile on more faith to get over the lack of actual reasons to believe. Hell, some people claim to believe things 100% on faith, and are PROUD of that! I would be humiliated if I believed something I didn't have one actual reason to believe.

I believe in god because the bible says so, and you have to believe everything in the bible because god wrote it. How do I know god wrote the bible? The bible says so! Why do I believe the bible? Because it's the word of God! How do I know it's the word of God? The bible says so! And that's good enough for me, because who am I to question god, or god's word.

I know, I know, no one HERE has to resort to circular reasoning. Everyone here believes for good valid reasons. Just like all the people that deconverted did before they realized, they didn't. They realized they didn't have actual reasons. They realize the stories make no sense. They realize there's no evidence. No actual reason to believe.

So maybe someday you'll look back on the way you think now, and see yourself from my point of view. Someday you'll see that you believed nonsense for no reason. You'll see why people call faith a virus, the worst thing that can ever infect your mind.

I take no pleasure in knowing there's no afterlife, but I do take great comfort in knowing there's know hell. I know there's no hell like I know there's no Xenomorph in my closet dripping acid on the floor. I know that I will never solve a puzzle box and go to Cenobite land. I know I'll never rub a lamp and find a genie. I know there are no jewels I can attach to a sword to "power it up". I know no one will ever shoot fire from their eyes. I know these things will never happen. Hell doesn't get a free pass. Nothing does. I know there's no soul because there's no reason to believe there is one.

And yes, culture. I know. Heart and soul. Soul mates. Tainted Soul. Favored Soul. Old Soul, Corrupt Soul, Divine Soul. I know I know. That doesn't mean it actually exists. It just means you're influences by hearing positive reinforcement every day of your life.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired. I'm going to bed.

Forgive any errors, I'm too tired to proofread this.

Oh and yeah, this topic sort of evolved, I would go back and fix the beginning, but I'm too tired, I barely made it to the end.


So yeah, that got me suspended. I don't care anymore. Seriously, I don't. I have the blog now, I'll write here. I don't have any readers yet, but I'll get some.

My account will likely be suspended for at least a month, if not longer. So I'll have a lot of free time to post here. I've got a lot of work to do on this place anyway.

So yeah, wanted to post this. I feel better. I'm still annoyed. For so many reasons, but, I'll be ok. I just won't ever post there again. Maybe I'll link to here, but I don't even know.

All my late night long winded rants will be here from now on. But hey, I went out with a bang. And well, maybe I'll get my account back some day. When you're suspended, they don't tell you for how long right away, they have to review things.

I'll keep you all updated.

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